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The atelièr at JJBückar has been creating bespoke, classical by-hand, world class jewellery since 1997. While the processes and cutting edge technologies have evolved the core manufacturing standards, quality and ethics remain the same.

Through the years, award-winning designs have driven the collections and bespoke creations. JJBückar evokes everlasting, classic style with a modern twist for jewels that will survive many generations of proud owners.

All JJBückar metals including Platinum, Palladium and high karat Gold are carefully alloyed from their purest form using proprietary blends. The atelièr maintains the strictest quality “plumb” standards. Authentic JJBückar products are stamped with the “JJB” hallmark together with the metal purity marks “Pt 950” for 95% Platinum, “Pd 950” for 95% palladium “Au 800” for 19k Gold and “Au 750” for 18k Gold.  The “JJB” manufacturers responsibility mark or hallmark is registered at the Central Office for Precious Metals Control in Bern, Switzerland.  Precious metals articles must bear the mark for a standard of fineness and are subject to testing by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control.  More info can be seen in the video below and also on the Swiss Customs Administration website.

All metals used by JJBückar are sourced from refiners with a strict adherence to sustainable manufacturing and have extensive responsible environmental and labour practices and codes of conduct. For more information regarding the sustainable practices of these refiners, please visit the following websites:

Heraeus Precious Metals
Johnson Matthey Ltd.

Both of these organizations adhere and belong to The London Bullion Market Association

Manufacturing tools for Quality NOT Quantity


From CNC 5-axis Machining to Laser welding and Hydraulic pressing JJBückar’s modest studio transforms design into works of art. Cutting edge CAD rendering and Rapid Prototyping compliment the core values of by-hand-fabrication that are the studios fortè. Ultimately the cutting edge technology race to use the latest and greatest tools, is geared towards achieving the highest quality jewellery in the world. Indeed, the jewellery house will use CAD/CAM or other technologies to fashion a piece, handcraft it from scratch to get the right look or feel, or use a combination of both— whatever the piece demands; as every piece drives the process.

All JJBückar creations are completely made in Canada except for the initial process of creating MÜZCINA Bands which are machined from tubing that is manufactured in the USA.  This unique and proprietary process of hot extrusion for precious metals is known as FusionForged.  This technology creates metals of extreme ductility and sound micro structure allowing for extremely high tolerances during the milling process and a very hard and durable surface finish.  The FusionForged blanks create the best conceivable beginning for the JJBückar process of making the finest precious metal precision cut wedding band.



Julie heads The Design Studio at JJBückar. The whimsical style and beauty of her creations is a culmination of several years designing bespoke pieces for contemporary and classical tastes alike. Her unfading style is seen throughout the bespoke collection and amongst her many award winning pieces. From clay models to pencil sketches and full watercolours, creativity and originality abound; the design studio strives for original everlasting styles in every piece. Her concepts are often inspired by her environment of urban living with a holistic lifestyle. Architectural shapes and lines alongside the beauty of nature’s soft curves naturally form in her mind as concrete 3-dimensional objects for jewellery. The adoption of CAD technology from its infancy allow for many designs to be “carved on screen” and also by hand in “wax”. The modeler works as an extension of her toolset. Any given conceptual style may take months or years to evolve in the studio with countless sketches then modeled in clay or prototype resin, before coming to fruition in metal form. It’s through this dedication that JJBückar jewels offer an extended lifespan and multi-generational appeal.

JJBückar is proud to be associated with some the highest quality standards in not only this country but on an international level. As a Primary Brand of Canadamark, member of The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and in Partnership with Grunberger Diamonds, JJBückar uses only the finest diamonds.

Every JJBückar center diamond must have near perfect proportions in order to meet the standards of the atelier’s stringent manufacturing processes. As the diamonds are set so closely and with such strict tolerances within the various JJBückar collections, there is simply no room for disproportioned stones. JJBückar Diamond centers are always ideal or excellent cut often displaying the hearts and arrows pattern with a minimum VS2-SI1 clarity and F-G colour according to GIA standards.

JJBückar center diamonds are mined in CANADA and come from either the Diavik or Ekati Diamond mines within The Northwest Territories.  They are guaranteed to be mined conflict-free and adhere to the strict Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. All JJBückar diamond center stones can be traced back to the Diavik and Ekati mines they originated from, through the CANADAMARK program.  Each JJBückar Diamond is inscribed with a unique tracking number and authenticity hallmark on its girdle edge.  A Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and CANADAMARK tracking certificate will accompany every JJBückar center diamond. If you own a conflict free center diamond that meets JJBückar’s standards of quality and size your diamond may qualify to be mounted in a JJBückar creation. For additional details, please inquire through our contact page.

As no stone is too small to be of the finest make, melee size diamonds are as important as the center diamonds in fine jewellery manufacturing.  Through a partnership with diamond manufacturer, Grunberger Diamonds. JJBückar uses the exclusive Precision Cut© Hearts & Arrows small diamonds throughout its entire jewellery collections.  Precision Cut© Diamonds are made to ideal cut proportions and exhibit the Hearts & Arrows pattern from stones as small as 0.60mm in size!  Grunberger Diamonds uses only conflict free diamond rough and is an official AGS Supplier that adheres to its stringent codes of conduct.


Trace your JJBückar Diamond through CANADAMARK


Grunberger Diamonds

For more information on Ideal cut Diamond Proportions and Hearts and Arrows visit Grunberger Diamonds.




Awards & Accolades

Original, award winning design and craftsmanship par-excellence, have come together to create the one-of-a-kind masterpieces that comprise this collection.


A selection of JJBückar award winning pieces, covers and interviews that have been featured in numerous international magazines and books.